Retreat Doctors’ Hospital is proud to serve the lymphedema population of Richmond and surrounding areas. We have five certified therapists here to meet your dynamic needs! Our clinic is open Monday-Friday. We are located on the second floor of Retreat Doctors’ Hospital.

What are the signs & symptoms of lymphedema?

  • Swelling in arm, hand, chest or trunk
  • Feeling of heaviness, achiness, tightness, fullness in arm or hand
  • Skin thickening or tightening
  • Tight fit of clothing, rings, watches or bracelets

Risk Reduction Tips

There are certain precautions you can take to reduce your risk of lymphedema. Injury to the arm or infection may trigger lymphedema. The best prevention is to reduce your risk of injury or infection. You can do this by following:

  • Treat infections in the arm or hand immediately by notifying your PCP
  • Wear gloves when performing housework, using chemicals, and yard work
  • Keep skin clean and well-moisturized
  • Do not allow needle sticks or blood pressure on operated side
  • Avoid sunburn and bug bites

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